Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 306: five, four, three, two, one.

weʻve been counting down since the beginning
its kind of our thing
we place the pacific between our bodies
and we count the stars that separate us in days
weʻd count the moon
but we can only see one
and thats not enough syllables to keep our tongues busy in our loneliness
so in the meantime
we count up on our right hand to infinity
and down on our left
til the day weʻll see each other again
say its a fun game
so we dont have to cry
cuz then we would be sore losers
and no one wants to be a sore loser

i say fourteen
and you, you are somewhere in the millions
somewhere high above our bodies
drifting through the atmosphere
you must of cheated
skipped a few thousands
but i dont say a thing
cuz i think you desire to win is adorable
and no one wants to be a tattle tale

we switch roles
and you take over my number


but im lost somewhere in space between one million and infinity
the emptiness seems too vast to document
i get frustrated sometimes with the numbers that separates us
and i cry
and you call me ridiculous
but you know its not because there are too many stars
its because theire arent enough
and not nearly enough are aligned tonight
otherwise weʻd be seeing the same constellations
but you can barely see the moon in this part of california
let alone orions belt
maybe thats the problem
i can love
what i dont see
but i cannot see what i know i love

i dont want to count anymore...

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