Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 288: before im gone

you've got to know that i loved you
before im gone
remember the songs we sang late at night a cappella
air guitar
you in my free arm
you need to know i held you there
into the darkness
even when it was scary
i put you away in my skin
you kept us both warm that way
by just being there
there are so many things i didnt say enough
like im sorry
beautiful, im sorry

im happier now,
happier than yesterday at least
happy with someone else
never thought i could be
but you need to know
before im gone
while we are both still here
that itll never replace the 365 days we had
even the bad ones
moving on doesnt mean that has to go too
it can still sit in its happy place in the past
where everything looks perfect from this side

you should know, i love her
the new girl
she doesnt hold me like you did
but she makes me feel safe and happy
im a better person when im with her
it feels right
its better off that way anyhow
you are far enough from my hands

nothing has to shatter anymore

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