Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 287: museums


We take shots like pinky promises to late night pledges

Sleep on unscented pillows

Pretending loneliness is the same thing as being cold

so we don’t have to feel like we are missing anything but covers and


when in reality

we’ve got enough of them both and not enough of each other

Do we only want what we cant have to spite god when we get it

There are still kisses on my lips

Too stubborn to go stale of fade

I can taste yours there

Like we lasted longer than an evening of dreams


We pull strings

Like and over extended musicians one night stand

Playing music with our emotions

Sometimes I sing flat

And you’ve been listening anyways

My heart is stretched between beaches

in museums

we put beautiful things in glass boxes... in life we put beautiful people thousands of miles apart

and we’ve victims of distance

slow dancing in a collapsing warehouse

on fire

but im all about loves destruction

so break the fences between us

unlock your heart from whatever it is in your soul that makes you scared to touch someone without your hands

and let me hold me like rainfall

like we’re freezing but we cant tell the difference so we say we’re lonely

meet me under the bleachers and we can just talk for hours

if you hold my hand

you might feel my heart beating


ignore the organ on my sleeve

just follow the one in your chest


We take shots like pinky promises to late night pledges

we find pleasure in being tongue tied with hearts open

We promise not to forget

Not to fall in love

Not to get too close


Something has got to give.

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