Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 293: time Vs. Distance

i remember trying to fit you in my pocket
like a keepsake
something could take with me when u left
when i was leaving
but when i was gone
you were too and it wasnt fair to keep the phone lines clear
so we pretend not to know each other
even in our own faces
we have forgotten the taste of our lips
pressed together
like we are children against the glass

we still try to fit each-other into keepsake boxes
or at least i do
but our memories dont fit there
so i've got to constantly carry you on my skin
like something i can forget
its not a memory just yet
this is all still happening
the cracks are all fresh
the dew is still pressed against us
and only time can changed us like the distance did
my only wish is:
thats enough to make a differnce

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