Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 504: To the last boy I ever kissed

You were a stereotype I stitched to the inside of my thighs
The kind of things we sleep to forget
When you told me you loved me
I didn’t believe you
But I said it back
I didn’t mean it
You were too small
And tool weak
Too nice to be a man
Couldn’t hold me up
The way I wanted or needed
Couldn’t imagine sleeping with you into the morning
That’s why we only ever kissed standing up
Pushed against walls
Back into corners
Against the door of my closet
Because ethat how you made me feel

I took my first girlfriend to ever place we touched lips
And kissed her like we were oceans
Like we were endeless
I told her the same thing I told you but meant it
And you wouldn’t mind im sure
The love you had for me
Was the kind that come and go with the wind
With the day
Only around when its cold and no one else is answering
We had that kind of love

The funny part was I think we thought the other didn’t know
But thres nothing left to hide
You were my back up hand to hold
And for what it was
It was enough

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