Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 531: the chase

These days move slow
not like the last 5 hundred and 30
something inside me is shattering
with the seconds
i can feel each shard
forcing itself into tissue
looking for a home
every part of me is searching for something to hold
and call its own

this morning i woke up and dreamt i was sleeping in the cradle of california
wishing to come home
wishing to be somewhere else
thats familiar too
the glass pieces you call skin
are sheltering
turning to ash
still trying to move
when everyones been sayin
its inanimate
not able to define the term
just that it means i am broken
and weak
and not what i should be
not who i wished
5 hundred and 30 something days ago
when i believed in more than women
loved more than the stage
when there was something beautiful inbetween my pen and the page
something i was hoping to hold
something i've been running for for years
somehow its still missing
and i feel myself slowing down
growing too old

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