Friday, December 17, 2010

day 520: tie my hands remix

i left some of the lyrics the same cuz it fit and cuz i've never tried to write a rap before so i needed to take baby steps. listen to lil waynes tie my hands while reading. enjoy

Yeah some say tragedy is hard to get over
But sometimes tragedy means its over soulja
From the islands we seem too spoiled
but its hard to move on with feet like anchors

My hold is strong, tryin to prove them wrong
They say they aint doing nothing but moving on, but let the truth me known
When they ripped our queen from her thrown
They took more than just our homes


They knocked down our homes, told us to go
Built sugar in our fields, played games we didn’t know
Don’t bother with whats right, they only know wrong
We been trynna teach um all along

lost almost everything , but we ain’t the only ones
got natives on the continent, singing the same songs
first came the sailors, then missionaries son
spreading Jesus like disease through their steel and guns-

best believe we keep our eyes open
our islands under water, rich haoles still flaotin
nd they wonder why our brown brothers still moking
cuz crazy politicians still choking

no pro football team, or basketball team
all we got is the warriors to rep our family
but lingle passes out furloughs like prayers
so we all just struggle hoping someone’s got some to spare


and if you come from under that water, then that's fresh air
just breathe baby God's got a blessing to spare
yes i know the process is so much stress
but its the progress that feels the best

we came back from death fighting straight TO success
keep your head up high
they can't steal your pride its inside.
then find it and keep on grinding
Cuz in every dark cloud theres a silver lining, i know.

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