Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 519: P.R.I.D.E

you are a generation of children born into silence
the darkness of your parent's secrets
you held those burdens
like stones in your pockets
and wished to be something bigger than those who came before
asked more than your parents would've imagined or wanted

we call you movers and shakers
for a reason
there are volcanos in your breath
earthquakes frozen into the soul of your shoes
you leave change in your wake
breaking the foundations of our 4 heteronormative fathers
there is something to be said about the blood in your footsteps
the secrets that are still causing tornadoes in your torso

i hope
these are the parts of your mornings you remember
when the wind is calm
and the secrets fly like butterflies in your chest
like fires that are wishing to burst from your lips
you have the strength of every evening hiding in your pigments
whether you can see them or not
dont dare forget
there is a power in your voice
even during their silence
the truth you hold evident

they do not fear you because you are ignorant
they fear you because your knowledge is dangerous
they know
that if you chose to speak
and you will
it will destroy
everything they've lived by
for generations

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