Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 532:confessions

she was not afriad to die
asked the doctors
to make it smooth
make the going away
too fast to feel almost
but death
is not something you rip off like a bandied
and sunrises
dont flash
they cascade
somehow has to break slow
contort herself into forgotten
for you to be at ease
no one ever leaves without being remembered
or forgotten
somehow its the same today
the things we never said
are piling up like regrets
but we dont have time to call them that
we call then tears
try not to notice
rip them from our skins
like Band-Aids
try to make the forgetting quick
like the pain never existed
like not feeling
is worth it
when its not

we kill ourselves in our foolishness
at the end of it all
i hope we notice
i hope it hurts
i hope it destroys us
tears us to bits

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