Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 535: to a beat

we all love to love
nobody loves to stay
we just loving to leave
thinking we're one and the same
she caught me playin the games
i found her doing the same
we work ourself round and round
finding that nothing has changed
so give me something to say
shits backwards, now who's to blame
i flew home solo today
wishing she'd let me stay
tell me why upside downs right
im standing upright, its wrong
shes got a smile
its tight
hoping its not like this long

im learning quickly through love
that hates an easier thing
shell break my heart yeah it hurts
but hey, i did it first
im pounding pavement like grass
smoking myself into ash
turning love inside out
finding its not meant to last

more hurt than surprised
learning to believe the lies
turn novels into a tale
turn ourselves inward, disguised
now which way do you turn
whats the lesson to learn
we all are loving to love
but what is love, when it burns

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