Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 554: definition

"some people think being lonesome
means being free"

you are the space between everything that is good and disaster
the vacuum that promises settle in, in the middle of the night
the shards of glass i've swept beneath my bed
that somehow i find lodged into my heels on mornings when the sun is shining and all i want to do is be happy
you stay
while walking away
a miracle in the physics of your existence
you've created a love that can explode
so i've left my limbs and other parts of myself that i thought i could live without at your doorstep
hoping you'd either return yourself or the parts of me i need to breathe

today we are somewhere in between whole and gone
here and broken
healed and fractioned
none of the definitions make sense
you are not meant to hold this kind of horror
i am meant to be more
just a memory

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