Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 559: STanford

stanford is an awesome place
sometimes we find ourselves hard pressed
with a place to call home
i have never had that problem
but those who have
find this silicone bubble more comforting than suffocating
most days i would disagree
luckily our uprooted trees keep us breathing
give us something more than blue skies to marvel at
its hard to complain and be taken seriously when its mid january and you are walking around campus in slippers
but its also hard not to complain
when everything about this place screams final chance
make it work- make it worth something

its hard to break the earge
sometimes to compare yourself
when constaly surrounded by so much obvious painful brilliance
this is not a place for the weak
for those who cannot pick themselves up
from last place

remember always that there are oceans beyond palm drive
anonomous as they may seem
they carry the voices
of worlds that can only be read from tis side of the plastic
there is a hazard in this privily
in tese desires to do more than
has been done
that is the task you have been charged with by coming here
the call you have answered
remember not too forget the sidewalks of shoulders you stand on
no matter how powerful you may feel
you are not flying
someone else is holding you up with their bootstraps
too often are they written on the margins, or never mentioned

above all,
you were someone before you came here.
this place did not make you.

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