Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 546: for the woman who waits- but shouldnt

for the last two years
i've spent my mornings
and evenings
the parts of my days
when i am nearest
to god
and sleep
thinking about the way your skin seems to cut through gravity
writing poems for the scars i left on the inside of your lips
from attaching too much
too heavy
the parts of myself that i should have left at my sides
i forced into your pores
that way
you wouldn't be able to leave me behind

i spend my mornings
wishing that meditation
felt anything like the back of your neck
it feels more like patience
and the words i somehow plucked from my vocal chords while we kissed
the things i should miss
but dont
not yet

tomorrow i want to dream of your kiss
how it cuts through my skin
makes me wonder
how it is you fly
and when
when will you be coming back home
to me

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