Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

pull honest words from your throat
like teeth from cold gums
before they have rotten
and decayed
give the best of yourself in sincerity
take a scalpel to the parts of you that refuse truth
find an ocean
Saturated in salt
to heal the wounds

Forgive Brooklyn
her dark and empty smile
hips of her street corners, too lose
dim eyes batting over you
the tap dance of gunshots at noon
forgive the way none of her body knew how to embrace
the ocean of your skin
how she refused to hold you

Forget Manhattan
her blistering skyline
The lights you chased
but never touched with more than your imagination
then release all the dreams
left unmade

let go of the shards of love that will not be
remember the woman who was and isn’t anymore
she should not stay frozen
in an evil masquerade

remind yourself that any lie can defeat any love
if given the breath
do not
give it the breath

write every day
listen more than you speak
chase peace

be the woman
your woman
wants to come home to
make home, for two
cultivate the piko
your center shared
worship the pō between brown bodies

Exercise the muscles of vulnerability daily
Find the space between an honest leap
And insecurity
Offer your heart suspended
Fight the desire to be bound
Trust that she need not lock you in her palms to care for you

fight the fear that keeps the quiet salted
that has kept this page dry
Fight the stationary silence
The way its nothing
Washes over your body
Like warm wax
comfortable it its restriction

stop saving space in your heart for people who have no desire or conviction
those who are worthy will show up
will find you themselves

stop leaving cookie crumbs like maps in your wake
those who you have to entice will not stay
be your most devoted lover
do not let another year be written in fear of being forgotten
or left,

always leave a part of you to be made

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