Monday, January 6, 2014


The first time
I saw a lie caught behind your eyes
I covered my skin in silence
Told myself the quiet words
Psalms that bring restless sleep
How many nights have I sung this swan song to my body
Hoping you’d stop me
How many mornings would I wake to kiss your skin
The most honest movement I could give
To be met with this sliding scale of reality

Who knew a promise could bend
Only if met by ocean
And scaled skin
Who knew this body would allow all this black
this night a place to rest
Inside of me
Who knew an idea had so many hands
that iʻd let her close enough to take hold

How quickly iʻve become a parking lot to your late night stumble
Home is the name I called my palms
When I inhaled you under me
But I was wrong

My Body is just a forgetful promise
My love
Just nickels lost under the lint of your pocket
Your smile
A tattoo covering up the reality of a late night mistake and unsteady hands
My breath
Caught in the gaps between your teeth
Our promises
The only lies bold enough to try to hold me

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