Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 109: Guns

In America we flaunt our guns like our dicks

Caress, click, trigger, pull, stick,


And when we are empty just get another dirty magazine

we've hidden from our mothers in our underwear drawers


springing cartridges into chamber

unload again

rinse, reload, repeat

its quicker this time

do you see the pattern placing death on repeat

ejaculation of steel distruction is a learned practice to be perfected

like hygiene

boys learn it like puberty

And our sons learn these games like birth rights, at thirteen learn to cum steel

take on material infatuation in metal magazines

Hiding their fascination in code switch

from cars to clips

Live in the "hang-fire" of hammer to fire

Like Jordan lived in the hang-time of push to flight

but our sons are falling stars

their glocks and cocks in their pockets are too heavy to move with

so they sit in living room couches

watching advertisements from mind playing manufacturers

in 1983

with firearm sales plummeting manufactures decided to broaden the target audience from adult white males to women and youth

making weapons more accessible, affordable, and appealing

one of the first guns to be release, "the viper"

just like the dodge

combines compact speed, power, and appeal for a price

plus sleet beauty

guns are sexier than girlfriend at 13 and these boys pay their lives to them in backyard brawls

eric, lives two doors down from me, knows the names of every gun manufactured in America today

And spends his lunch money on air soft assault riffles waiting for the day he can hold the heavy steel of a real ak-47 to his cheek

I wonder what he expects to do with this machine

will he kiss her on their firsts date

will he hold her like a woman or hold his women like her

will he ever learn the scent of shampoo to overpower gunpowder

will he grow old enough to ever know? i wonder

eric claims he was admitted to stanford because he knows how to build bazookas

he's the youngest boy in my dorm

and our society is already paying into his addition to explosions

already investing in his infatuation

he is 17 and spits gunpowder when he speaks

has a nack for disaster but a smile like candy

and i worry that soon he wil just ad to the thousands lost to metal


in america

we are spreading a plague like privilege

between 1979 and 1991 more children died on the firing streets of america than american soldiers dies on the death roads of vietnam

because we teach our sons to pull triggers like there is no effect

play. die. reset.






we cant

we die

its done

its death.

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