Saturday, November 7, 2009

DAy 110: looks

She usually smells like coffee

Lips lick of chocolate

Fingertips melting grip on my hips

But this morning

I awoke to the stench of torn landing gear

The sound of metal and rubber scraping against concrete

Flight attendant instructions

Tight polyester rubbing against skin

Motion sickness

She smells like leaving

Like tears

Like goodbyes taste on Sunday afternoons

She smells like lies

Looks like heartbreak

Like I tore her skin off to see myself in it

She smells like me being broken again

For the 2nd


4th time this week

shes taste like im not enough

like I once was

but not for long enough

she looks like

she looks like

she looks like

she looks like she still loves me

but doesn’t remember how to hold me

I imagine I look like a lie

Like its time for goodbye

Like I smell like her being broken for the



12th time today

she looks like shes running away

I look like im letting her leave

We look like we fallen out of love

she looks

i look

we look

but we dare not touch

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