Sunday, November 15, 2009

day 118: this is how we love

we used to listen to diamond fall to hardwood together
play peek-a-boo with out hearts like toys
listen to the tears break hearts like magic harmonies
she is my magic melody
tuned perfectly for me
somedays i feel like we dont exist anywhere other than in each-others arms and then im grounded
that i am rooted in salt stained soil
while she
flies like sky-scrapers
call her the traveler
the flight
call her the one thats leaving
and yet
i know
i left first
turning back broken like cheek to silence
i was the first mistake made public
and she
is the only reason i know i will never forgive myself for
she is my magical melody
the traveler
the one who's leaving
so i
i'll be the roots waiting
learning for the changes
never thought i'd be transfixed to concrete
be she is no building
not skyscraper
she is the melody
the beauty
the reason this heart still sings
some nights
you can hear me crying im sure
but if you listen harder you'll realize
its just me and my melody
throwing tears to the wind
watching them crash into innocent hearts like diamonds
this is how we love

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