Monday, November 9, 2009

day 112: 1, 2, 3

she held fire in her eyes
and rain in her heart
burning bushed heart
10 commandments whistling in the wind
broken eardrum chimes
she is the angled of the forsaken
halo folded neatly at her ankles
an example of love and mistakes and how they are never and always the same

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a combustible material releasing heat, light, and various reaction products such as carbon dioxide and water.
love is the desire to do anything to protect someone from the world
love is the question
fire just one answer
that is never and always right
the combination
is a mother and 2 daughters melting in a town house

it what you feel when you dont know the answer but you do and dont like it very much
love is how you learn to forgive yourself for taking so long to learn
forgiveness is a human weakness
weakness is what makes us human
human is an accumulation of sex and mistakes
mistakes make you stronger
mistakes help you learn
truth is absolutely relative
relativity cannot be explained without making a judgement on the absolute
the absolute doenst exist
if it cannot be explained it must not exist
thus truth does not exist
love does not exist
we are a result of love
thus we do not exist

i think she found out the answers before the rest of us
and they scared her
im not sure if i think shes selfish
or genius.

3. before she lit the room
i imagine her counting to three
like every suicide divers reminder that there is a split second before impact

there is a moment that follows the broken understanding that life
is not just a set of questions and contradictions
there are choices
we give numbers to trails we havent walked upon
and hope we still reach an end
3. in life we count in threes
stutter at the finality of the pattern
is there still a way out?

the flame burns
the body melts
the story
if there is an end, then maybe we did exist,
maybe she was wrong.

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