Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DAy 121: Papa Hanau Moku

“Homeland is the source of your identity”
We have never truly impacted our soil
Not the way it has
Unto us
Left earth printed
Like feet upon our skin
Roots upon our veins
Papa- our land rained down wakea
Growth was forced upon us
chance by habitat
that we would grow strong, brown and bloody with roots
that would only extend under and to past
haloa never fell from any tree
there is no distance from mother to child
from past to present
we are just imperfection carbon copied
we do not reach out for identity
only dig deeper within soil to build person from place

“language comes from mother earth”
mai papa keia olelo
keia moolello keia
our tongues have been passed up to us like nutrients through our roots
and we breathe our mother every time we speak
be weary with your words
do not let too much of her pass
do not speak what you might ever want back
you cannot take back what you give to this wind

I have been lost before
But as long as I keep my roots here
I will know
I am Palolo
The clay
That’s grabs at me
Keeps movement stiff
Ka ua lililehua
my rain
Falling frequent to keep growth quick
my wind
A reminder of my inner strength
Is my creator
These are my mountains
My water
This is my homeland
She is my creator

Papa Hanau Moku- Keiki
mother birthed these islands- children
Owau kana Pua
i am her descendant

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