Friday, November 13, 2009

day 116: sunshine

I wanna sing you a love song through sunshine

Break backwards tides

Like arched backs

Hold me closer

There is too much space between us now

We need no more blanket here beautiful

You and I are an ocean

Slow dancing in burning beds

A tidal wave on fire

Don’t think about it

Its too sexy to see

Our imagery doenst fit into cable tv’s

We’ve got that pay per view love baby

The kind that leave aftertastes for days

Invisible hickeys on my soul

So Love me like budda

Like im leaving

Like im fleeting

Like tomorrow im gone


Im spain

Love me now

Like love songs

On repeat

And bad chord progressions

But good acoustics

And taylor guitars


We can burn slow if we move fast enough

Don’t question the answers

Save that for the questions

Pose something with more than your body

We are a burning tidal wave remember

The kind that cant be seen

To hot to touch’

To painful not to remember

Remember me like im jesus

Like im forver

Like this life is forver like ill see you tomorrow

Like comminted feels when you want it

Like you are Stanford

And no one is spain

And no one has to leave

And we can just stay here

We don’t need the covers

Ill hold you like cotton


I wanna sing for you like sunrise

But the tides low

In sunsets time

Tomorrow is already dark with what ifs

and your leaving

Call you spain

Call me grounded

Call you traveled

Call me frightened

Call me foolish

Call me forever

Call me whatever you want

Just don’t forget to call me


And ill call you tomorrow

Don’t worry about the space baby

I’ve heard hearts can grow to drink the ocean

There is no space between us

If we keep speaking

Hold the whitewash and white noise away

Wait for day to break

Like our backs

Like our hearts

Wait for the ocean to break in silence

Wait for Spain to leave

Look for me under your covers

Ill be there waiting… for morning

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