Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 231: you

its so easy to get lost here
in the pauses in our dialects
it almost feels embracing
til it breaks
sends steel shivers down spines
porcupine love
we've got it down
learned to hold each other at arms length
everyone is afraid of everything in this place
in a world where we die knowing less about ourselves when we are born
we are all lost
and those of us who arent are dishonest
so they really arent much better
we really arent as amazing as we always thought we would be'
and tonight that feels just fine
but tomorrow
tomorrow we will cry over our mediocre skin
how we wished to be more

it is easy to get lost here
in the pauses between your breath
where i slept last fall
listening to your heart beat
after beat
after beat
after beat
til it broke

it really is so easy to get lost here.

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