Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 251: Remember

I’ve never seen someone crack from a word


At least not that one

Like she did

I saw her pupils split

Turn to oceans

My fingertips are still eroded from the salt

The rush was slow

But I saw the sea train down her cheek

Showing the tracks of past conversations


Broken tongues and promises

Where the metal had scraped her skin free

Sometimes we forget to love the ones we love properly

Sometimes its easy to forget that someone had a past before you

Until you run right into it

Find your face flattened by someone else mistakes

their misplaced attention

And still you become the one holding your foot in your mouth

Your heart in your hand

Good intentions spitting through you

But Something’s need more delicacy than I can provide

My hands are rough

And strong


Sometimes I am not as gentle as I intend to be

My strength is deceiving

Some words run like oceans with out guards

And I’ve learned even the simplest truths need delicacy

So the next time I speak

I’ll funnel my words straight to your heart

Where it’s safe

Where you can hold it

and remember

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