Sunday, March 14, 2010

day 235: in hawaii

In Hawaii

Children learn to show face at an early age

Keep their hands tight to their brown bodies

Color in the lines

The island is too small to risk saying the wrong words

Believing the wrong beliefs

We hide behind our inability to live up to our potential


I am reminded again on how this island’s politics have infected our souls

and Our hearts break in the aftermath or indecision

For the first time since I was born

I am ashamed to be from Hawaii

Ashamed of what it has become

ashamed to be represented by a government

that is too selfish to show their politics on the matter of Civil Unions

as a means to protect their own seats

the silence in these islands is defaning

and our children are growing up thinking that ignoring a situation is problem solving

we know better than to think that this apathy is anything better than bigotry

we are all waiting for someone to step up and give up their face for what’s best for this community

you see

In better times, we would hope for good leadership.

But at times like these,

plain leadership will do.

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