Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 250: maybe

my hands are still shaking from holding you
the way i let you fall and break
i will never forgive myself
and since
i've taught myself how to not love you
not want you
it hurts to much
i moved on
and it hurts to say
cuz moving on means leaving you behind
and i never thought i would
or could
but i have
and im sorry
sorry that apologies dont do shit in this situation
that i cant bring myself to hold you anymore
that my attention is already held
im sorry i cant be the one either of us needed me to be
i was too weak
and couldnt let my mistakes make me stronger
instead i had to learn from them from a distance
but i'm growing through this to be the kind of person you could respect
the kind that follows through
and maybe giving up is how to start over
maybe throwing everything away starts the process
maybe youll always have my back and ill always be the weak one
who threw everything into the fire
maybe i'm just cocoon waiting to re-blossom
maybe i'll never be as beautiful as i was with you
maybe all the maybes are true
maybe they are all lies
maybe we both are broken still
but i've got better makeup
maybe, its just time.

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