Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 373:the sheet metal ocean

The ocean looks like a piece of rippled sheet metal from here.
The materials used before manifesting metal currncy.
Im cashing in my favors with god
praying this plane somehow makes everything settle properly
makes it all fall in the right plce
like coins at the bottom of your pocket.
Let me jingle to reming u of my presence-
without touch without my spirits manifestation.
Carry me in your inner ear.
Where your body remembers to balance.

If you couldn't tell I am mid-flight and thinking of the taste of your breath.
How it tickled the back of my throat with your laughter.
How being so close only made me want to be closer.
It's a scary word.
Weighs more than it's lettering.
Do not fear it's meaning.
I know my place.
I am wise enough not to overturn mountains at least not near your homes foundation.
But know,
the laughter was real,
touch sincere,
and affection, the most terrifying I've ever tasted.

You say u know me,
but I must have forgotten our birth.
Why else would the fear be settling here.
Where everything should be familiar,
but instead is stunningly terrifying.

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