Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 378: to do list

learn to do a backflip
remember to yourself that falling backwards blind isnt nearly as scary as it sounds in your head
with the right support
anything terrifying can be liberating

keep things
not everything
but all the trinkets you've come to think are worthless
hold them like the goddess they once were
remember which hearts and memories sing
and then give them away to the beautiful people you meet
the rock that looks like a silver heart- give it to the girl who doesnt know shes in love with you yet
let her ease into that insecurity
and then hold her like she never doubted you for a second
the dinosaur figurine- give it to the boy in texas
who's heart seems to bloom in your eyes at dawn
remember the taste in your mouth when you realized how much of a miracle he is to be
the transparent glass chess piece- hold that for yourself
remember that even the pawn can turn the game around with a step in the right direction
find beauty in all these lessons

stop biting your nails (yes asha, i stole this from you)
its not only disgusting
but also, no one should be able to see the weakness of your heart in your hands
they should be the strongest bits about you. remember that you held jesus in those palms once
made a blanket of rosary for him to kneel in
you have nothing to be ashamed of

mow the lawn
twice a year
just to remember that even the most mundane can grow in 6 months
bottle the smell and leave it beside your pillow for when you need a reminder during slumber
remember how far you've come with every day that passes
when you feel like you arent moving forward think of your first step, first word, first kiss and remind yourself how many you've had since
the progress you've made will be impossible to ignore

love yourself
take every compliment you get
no matter how far fetched and tie it to your extremities
when you have enough to make a kite
run until you are air born
and remember never to doubt your miraculousness again
for jesus only walked on water
but you, you hold that golden substance in your belly
you were half the miracle

you are infinitely small
just a piece of an everlasting cycle of inspiration
takes peace in that power
it will make you versatile
you are sooo significant in this puzzle
dont let your size fool you
every drop of salt in the ocean is necessary

touch the people you meet
remember the texture of their palms
and necks
hold them like your mother taught you
hard and long
remember that EVERYTHING is permanent in this world
we have just forgotten how to see and speak to the other side of reality
dont ever dare to pretend that this life is all there is
your spirit deserves far more credit than that

be love
its the only right way to be anymore
and there are so many versions
be the one you feel in your bones
the one thats builds fires in the ribcages of beautiful girls, citizens of the world
remember how you held her
and how her eyes felt as if they saw something more than skin
more that this molding
remember the way that made you feel
and infinitely

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