Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 381: Best friend

We dont know each other that well
but the first day of this challenge is to write a letter to my best friend
and i thought of you
we are similar
different shades
all the same
our skins are made of dreams and sweat and questions that were once too old for our frames
not anymore
we are just the right ages to know we know nothing
our swag is impeccable
might i add
it seems destiny that we share bait squad family
some ties just amke sense
usually its the ones we are allowed to choose
like friendship

you remind me of the version of myself i want to be someday
please dont take that lightly
or think im creepy
im just writing what im thinking and im thinking about spongebob macaroni and cheese or at least the spirals
everyone knows the shapes make it so much better
maybe we can cook together sometime
surround the table with beautiful "straight" women
and drink our stomachs into ecstasy

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