Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 382: Letter challenge day 2- to a crush

i once met a citizen of the world
a continent jumping princess
she reminds me of the ocean
how i can feel her even when i'm dry and land locked
how i miss her, even when i am neck deep in her waters
her hair
is a midwest thunderstorm
and earth shaking
she is universe crumbling beauty
wrapped in brazilian skin

stunning woman
wont you look my way
wont you hold me in your current
wont you let me drown there for a moment
take me under your crashing
let me feel out of my own breathe just to be fully enraptured in your own spell

i am sitting at home today
thinking of the ocean
thinking of your palms
wondering what your fears would taste like on my tongue
thinking about burning candle wax
and incense
and wondering what keeps your fire glistening
im thinking about your dimples
and all your other craters and mountains
about the architecture you call a body
im thinking about you
your throat swelling voice
your trembling heartbeat
im wondering about it all
how you somehow came to be all of this in one skin

where does all your beauty fit
how is there still room for your stories in your skin
and is there any room for me
for this bodiless child spirit
for my stories
and voice
for the things most forget too soon
can i keep them on your forearm
in your torso
will you hold me there
on your bosom
at least for a moment
let me bloom
become more than spirit
can you teach what it feel like to be beautiful
to be seen and felt
to be in someone's memory
as a land mass
as an ocean
as something solid
as something more than what is
this body

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