Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 375: storm chaser

I know I said I would wait for u to catch me.
But I've never been that good at patience.
There is something about your silence i find mesmerizing.
How everything in my body can tell me to hold u a certain way
but your eyes send me backwards into unchartered territories.
Uve got a hot and coldness about u,
and my mind tells my body im just imagining the heat of your heart against my veins.
Because your coldness is the only side i can see justified.

I am no answer for you.
I am only questions and fears.
I am the Volcano that can destroy everything in your atmosphere just to make way for my self.
For us both to be reconstructed within eachother.
You see, there are words you send me that I don't know how to read.
Without the tone of your voice
I cannot make myself a home within your syntax.

But I knw that making u question means something.
I know that being In this body seems to confuse things.
I am no man, I will nver be.
But there's something to be said for the matches I can stil light within you.
And the stillness u cn bring me.

U see my land, it sits on still water
and yet my home is in midstorm.
I've been looking for pieces of u here all day.
Promises you never made
and all I seem to come up with is I don't think I said goodbye properly.
I didn't hold u right or long enough.
My lips folded into themselves before anything daring could happen.
But amidst all this remembered regret ifeel u in my ocean.
A steadfast buoy carrying some kind of hope through the storm.
While there seems to be nothing but chaos I feel u wading in my waters.
Your breath warm against my shivers.
A constant reminder
of why
I want u here.

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