Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 416: sense

SOMETIMEs it takes leaving to learn to stay
sometimes you have to be broken to know what whole means
not everything has to make cents
dollars arent our only way of counting progress
sometimes digression is best
we are walking circles
living spirals
breaths are cyclical
love is eternal
not the kind you think
its the kind you drink
irs the kind you write in ink
on skin
its the kind that sinks

i said,
not everything has to make sense
cuz dollars only build buildings
and our kupuna are sweating storms n this heat
spining oceans from puddles
they are spinning their graves
into cyclones
slowing down seems to me the only way to move forward
in a worl where theres a name for everything i wanna learn to see what hasnt been written
learn to breathe backwards
remember no exhale is ever lost
no sweat too sweet to be forgotten
even the most cautious hold ocean storms in their irises
our blood screams traditions
we just forgot to notice

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