Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DAy 438: nothing left

You’ve got pain written on the front of your chest
I did that
I remember the way the ink tasted after it dried
Like burnt butter
and I’ve never seen you as anything less than beautiful
But today
I feel you crawling here
Looking for a back way in
When less than a week ago I told you the front door was open
Now everythings broken
I’m telling too many parts of me to stay silent
Kiss the hardness away
With a beautiful girl at bedtime
Hold her the way you wish
someone would remember to hold you
Cry when you need to
But stay silent
Do these things only in the dark
Only when everyone is sleeping
Only when no one can see the whiteness of your eyes
Your innocence
Do this only then
When everyone has already left
Where there are no games between ex lovers
And there are no songs left to be played
Do this then
When its dark
And no one in the world even knows
You’re still breathing

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