Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 417: Kamakawiwoole

there is a silence of yoursi will never know
a jolt in bone ill never feel
but my father speaks of you like sunday scripture
like the perfection im sure you owned
i want to know your breath
the silence in your veins
the voiecs in your blood when you pray
does your melanin scream
i wonder
does it wish to pray back
do you ever Freudian slip yourself polytheist
or does every atom of you pray iehova
how do you choose to remember your tongue while forgetting to pass it on
how do you turn your skin private
how do you force yourself to forget
i wonder

where does your silence stem from
because its not from those bones of yours
the matrys in you marrows are burning themselves into ash begging to be acknowledged
to be prayed to
screaming your names
every single one of them
burning to be renamed
but you refuse to do anything but forget
but i know
there is a psalm in your bloodstream
singing songs to pele
to every bit of this universe
the hawaiian in you is dripping through your seams

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