Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 432: the grass isnt greener

im sitting on an airplane in charoltte
on my way home from a show in maine
the planes about to take off and the guy next to me
is the kind of guy that looks like he could believe in capitalism
but i can tell from his last phone call that he has at least 2 children
waiting for him in california
and he loves them
im watching him now
as the plane starts to foar
and i can see him praying
the kind of prayers you learn in catholic schools
the kind tht end in fathers sons and holy ghosts

so im thinking about god now
and the meaning of life
and wondering if there is anyone back in cali waiting for me with love
and im thinking about the girl whos heart i broke last night
for the 3rd time
and im wondering how her prayers end
and the girl from last year who i eaither broke too hard or is too smart to ever take me back
and im making fun of the single men in first class
the ones who look like old highschool quarterbacks
with beer bellies like pregnancy
cuz i can see myself becoming them
the kind of person that fills the void of empty women with fine leather and free shots
and im listening to the man in front of me
telling stories of his 18 year old dughter and how hasnt seen her in years
and im telling myself i do not want to be that kind of person
even it from here,
their seat seems far more comfortable

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