Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 433: god

I have to admit
Some scars don’t have stories
Some are just proof of addiction
I am 19 months sober
30 days for every year that god and I have been breathing together
My skin is growing over itself
Most of the scars have faded
My stories
Are going back into hiding
But every time i see a switchblade
For just a moment, I still think about how its cold metal would feel against my skin
I am caught in a chemical warfare with myself
I know it doenst make sense
I know I must sound crazy
But I am hoping
There is a 12 year old girl out there who hears this
And through these words knows that she is not alone
That’s its not just her and a god that doesn’t exist in this world
Both selling themselves short
Beautiful girl
There is a goddess under your skin
She lives there as long as you let her
And whenever you second-guess yourself
God is still breathing
If he can make it
So can you

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