Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 435: my creed

i believe in love. i believe in truth. i believe people will do the right thing... eventually. i believe you dont need to do anything to heal except get out of your own way. i believe in the power that women hold in the darkness of their chests. i believe men are not as powerful as they think but more powerful then they could ever truly imagine. i believe in the truth behind every contradiction and in its inherit beauty. i believe i can be ugly. i believe when im ugly the beautiful parts of me are just terrified. i believe you and i would make great friends. i believe that spelling doent matter. i believe its self centered to capitalize your "i's". i believe we could do so much better but we are too afraid that we actually have the ability to surprise ourselves with out own humanity.

i believe in feeling things deeply- even pain.
i believe in believing even when every bit of you tell you that its not reasonable.
i believe in being unreasonable sometimes

I am 20 years old. i dont read as often as i'd like/should. i've lied and cheated and done horrible things to people i care about. but if i can be beautiful- so can you. -- at least, thats what i believe...

prove me wrong- i dare you!

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