Monday, August 5, 2019

10 ways to stay


This morning 

I planted a koa tree in my throat 

I waited for the roots to take hold

When you woke 

I kissed the remaining seeds into your collarbone 

Knowing something important will grow 

Knowing that in this and every fight

We are not warriors 

We are a grove of kumu lā’au 


When I came 

I gathered all my sacred songs 

I carried them on my tongue 

I laid in the circles that bring the ea 

I listened when you called the wind  

And answered 

‘Ae. ‘Ae. ‘Ae 


Every day 

I cast a Malu of protection for you to stand in 

I lay the Kapu words of protection over your kino 

I make the sacred space for your safety 

And then in my next breath 

I list to strangers 

All the violences that might come our way 

I do the song and dance of non violent direct action 

I insist that we will not react 

I tell them we are here to take it 

And yet it takes every bit of me to imagine 

Holding myself to that standard 

Come the day you are threatened 


26 days etched onto my spine 

Too many more to count at my feet 

Only the promise 

That I shall not be moved 

From you 

From this place 

From this knowing 

26 ways I’ve learned what it means to stay 


These are the mo’olelo I have that have the ea to hold you 

These are the reasons and ways I know how to stand 

These are the lessons I learn when I love like a mauna 

When I love you, my mauna 

When I remember 

That I am a mauna too 

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