Thursday, August 15, 2019

In your Malu

 Lay in me the valley 
Between your summits 
Let me be 
The flow of ā connecting you 
The pele that is always moving and growing 
In your stillness 

Lay me down here

Learning the quiet 

Of a breath that isn’t rushed 

Isn’t coerced 

Isn’t afraid 

Lay me down here 

And allow me the privilege 

Of being the ordinary at the feet of your magic 

Lay me down here 

And I will give my every voice 

For the occasion that is your stoic stance 

Teach me the patience that comes 

From being pulled full and at once 

From the depth of the sea 

Because I am looking for answers 

In the ways I’m supposed to be 

I am looking for reasons 

Not to run 

From this person I’ve spent my whole life becoming 

Because today I am a body full of questions 

Slow moving magma making a mark I’m not so sure of 

And you 

you are gods reaching your ridge line into our every sky

You are answers sketching yourself into the skyline 

You are every way the wind moves me entirely and 

Exactly at the right time 

So lay me down 

Under the cover of your prayer 

Watch the way I can’t help but shutter 

Under your protection 

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