Saturday, August 17, 2019

Keaukaha: For Uncle Ahlun


We sit across the table 

Mele about Maunakea play over the radio 

and like always we begin by trading moʻolelo 

then move on to trading Mahalo 

For standing, for holding, for being 

I am full 

When he thanks me for our sacrifice 

I tell uncle its such a beautiful time 

to be Hawaiian

And I watch a smile skim across his face 

But then the winds change

and uncle’s somber makani get caught in the back of his sail


I remember a time when it was hard to be Hawaiian,”

He says 

And the whole ocean builds behind his eyes

And the stars he navigated across our largest oceans under come shimmering to the surface

And before the water can sweep him under

Her turns away, takes the ocean with him out the door 

And I remember 



And again 

Why this fight is so important

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