Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chasing Kānehoalani

 We chase Kānehoalani across a promiscuous sky   
Wākea is soaked  in stars 
Papa is wet with anticipation 

So we follow the path carved by pele 

between giants at out shoulders 

Loa and Kea 

Casting shadows of protection 

We put our prayers in our feet 

Wait for the pōhaku to breathe us in 

And trace the pāhoehoe slowly until we arrive 

He alo a he alo

 with the paia that remain 

the paia that remind 

us how to stand 

The paia left 

After each and every of our ahu 

Are targeted and defiled 

We hold out our skin to the lepo 

Show her where it hurts 

Where it’ll turn to scar 

Where we’ll remember 

What is this security 

That has us clinging to our dirt and dying

Praying for mercy 

Chanting for forgiveness 


In the piko of Hawaii 

The piko of the Pakipika

The piko of our ea 

We are Standing at the foot of pele’s flow 

Surrounded by the wahine who call the wind 

And when we set the ceremony 

The elements always answer 


‘Ae. ‘Ae. ‘Ae. 

We are still here 

Kūpuna insist 

     “Keep calling us by name”

And I do. And I do. And we do. 

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