Friday, August 2, 2019

When the storm is coming

 When the storm is coming 
you learn quickly what you can and cannot live without

the secret is

even though youʻve been living out of a tent  

for the last three weeks

most things you have 

are completely unnecessary 

the truth is

all you need is shelter, warmth 

and the right company 

when the storm is coming 

you pack 


pack and pack 

until every bit of the proof of you 

is stored away

you say a pule to hold you

and your ʻukana dry and safe

when the storm is coming

you will learn what parts of you are ready to be tested

and what parts require a bit more practice 

you will watch the others around you as they learn the same lessons

when the storm is coming 

you will remember

all the times Mauna a Wākea protected you 

from hurricane winds and rains

all the times she sent lester, hector and lane all on their own way

You will remember her protection

The malu she casts around you

and because of her you will be moved to stay 

to hold her close 

even as she winds come to wipe this slate clean

when the storm is coming you noho paʻa

insist t

hat this time

it is our turn to protect her

in the face of whatever threat might come this way 


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