Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 171: memorial

we wear these colors like survivors
our grandmothers blood draped over our chest
we flatter ourselves with our heartbeats
rhythm dancing in our breath
our breasts are front line soldiers
the lack of awareness is the only enemy we have
our lives are just waiting in the wings
waiting to breathe
23% of all deathe are caused by cancer
15% of all women who have cancer are diagnosed with breast cancer
our anatomy is our own worst enemy
we cut yourselves short instead of early action and prevention
women are urged to begin self examinations 2 years after becoming sexuality active
and no later than 21 years old
and yet
until this evening
i knew none of these rules
this is what awareness looks like when its rushed
when we are afraid
this is the story we've been telling for far too long
combining our lives into one big
one big memorial

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