Saturday, January 16, 2010

day 180: Song

Shes got a halo in her pocket

A smile in her hand

Values that don’t seem to fit in

She just don’t understand That some

Girl are born to early

To cute, or radical

Wear there promise on sleeves

Fighting for control and so shes

singing for tomorrow

Dear, don’t forgfet today

There is a war in the sunrise

That’s what ive been trying to say you see im

Trying to leave her speechless

but all shell do is resist

so I lay down all my secrets

she more than worth it you see we’re


nit to fal more in love and were


every morning we get up just a

few days ago

she packed her bags in left

with her head up in the clouds

said theres gotta be more than this wont you

wait for me while I dream

I gotta come down for air

and when I do I hope you’ll be waiting there

and we’re both tring

to pretend no one broken yet

but we’re failing

we fall each chance we get

lets take a fast forward

that’s all I used to say

in the end it will be alright

but this sure does suck today

pretty girl wont you take my hand

we can leap from cloud to cloud

dreams don’t always have to take you away

sometimes they bring you back

and we’re just trying

not to loose control

but we’re failing

doing anything for love

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