Tuesday, January 26, 2010

day 190: (free write) into to my new script.

Some people say, before you are born, before you are even conceived, there is just darkness. and then--when you are conceived….you know, when your mom and dad have sex or make love… whatever you want to call it-- there is this light and you just chase it for nine months until you are born. Just think about it, the world is full of babies just chasing lights. Funny thing is, I remember a lot more light before than after my conception and then there was still “chasing” it was just that my mom was doing that part for me.

I’d like to think my parents made love, but truth is, they probably didn’t even have sex, they probably fucked. The way I see it, is you have to be in love and sober to make love and im not sure my parents were ever either of those tings.

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