Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 177: feminism?

we are told
when we want to be powerful
that we are listening too much to white women
who walk too freely
our husbands hold us back like prize money
not knowing that supression is a game they've learned without noticing
our brown brothers are white washed ships wrecked in black two piece suits
they have taught us
we must removed our wombs to be powerful
our hearts to be successful
and yet
so much power lies in that space
that air
in our chest we breathe

i have heard people say
that is it not democracy until women have more than one vote
because when we cast our ballots we are doing so for ourselves and our children
we hold that power in our diaphragms
responsibly drains like blood in our veins
and we wash clothes for it
so that our husbands can finally be on top of something
we lay ourselves down every morning
welcome mats faced forward
we are the movement no one wants to see
the transformation of space
we are the earthquakes devastation
the storm after the calm
the one that helps everyone realize
there is more than one kind of slavery that's been propagated in this country
we are that story
that reminder
we are
not listening to white women
we are leaning from our mothers.

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