Thursday, January 14, 2010

day 178: white houses. pink ladies. edit

It is said before the pink ladies

Lived the gang of women dressed in white wedding dresses

Holding their virginity in their pockets

Wrapped and sealed for any gentleman patient enough to wait for 4th base

The stories they told there children only spoke of chariots and glass slippers

But today sandy turns her gown pink in dreams to be anything less than white

We dip our dresses in blood trying to be anything but sterile by matrimony

You see

There are more stories hidden in the space between the start and end of her skirt than on that gown

How growing up get a little more interesting with each generation

And a little more accepted

A little more forgotten

We’ve found a way to fly through puberty as if it wasn’t a phase worth residing in

Like sex is the next step to middle school graduation

Nothing is forever except first times and the mess it leaves behind

Vanessa remember being white

Before watching to be pink

She holds purity in her bones

And yet at 16

vanessa reminisces on snap shot pictures in memory lining

trying to find an image that doesn't break ribcage when held to chest

did she realisize how fleeting friendship could be

that the innocence she held in her bones

is only held in the similar blood stream of peers still sleeping in white houses

of daughters still counting sheep

today jenny started counting dicks instead

counting down seconds

counting mistakes

there are skeletons that dont fit in our white closest

in our suburban cultasacks

cannot be held between the spaces of our picket fences

we have forgotten to outline our own skin

so we place ourselves on the streets of our own misplaced attention

learn to apply thick enough lipgloss to mass the taste of blowjobs

forget gangs in pink

our daughter are turning red with the years

pant blood are their badge

learning to count days backwards to purity like it was something that made us who we were

how have we forgotten how to hold on to what makes us beautiful

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