Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 624: 10 things i know to be true (part 1)

10 things i know to be true

i know that this body is temporary
that this skin
is only the shrapnel of our universes most recent explosion
that my heart is made of my ancestors tears
that the water in my belly is just as blue as the ocean
that my hair is a reminder of a femininity that i have been too terrified to hold since birth
i know tat these things are easier to remember in the dark
when no one is listening
when no one can see
no one can watch the water fall out of me
like the ocean does sometimes

i know that when lighting strikes
there is a part of the soil that stands up straight
that you can see the effect in 100 miles in each direction
and its leaves its scar behind until the next time the world explodes
that someday
a curious little girl will find where the sky touched the dirt and call the crator beautiful
she will leave parts of herself there
promising to return
but she will walk away
and forget how he and the soil are the same

i know that when i cry
i am making a promise to grow
that there cannot always be fire burning here
sometimes its settles in rainfall
that being broken is just a part of the process of being beautiful

i know that my mother loves me
that every inch of her body shivers when i am too far away to touch
that there are stories she will never tell me
the kind that leave you cut up on the inside
on how loving me as a child was heartbreaking
i know this
because i can feel myself shattering when thinking about my daughters to come
how holding them will never feel like enough

i know that she will never forget what it felt like for me to betray her
how the silence i let slip between our skins
left every bit of her body to convulse
she will remember how i left her in lies
hung up the parts of our love that werent enough on her doorstep
just to taunt her
i know this because
i've felt the same vibration send shivers and quakes

(to be continued)

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