Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 649: bleh

On Apr 29, 2011, at 4:44 PM, Jamaica Osorio wrote:

some mornings the martyrs in this marrow fantasize of fracturing bones
Dream how my irises might change color on impact
beyond body limits
beyond warnings
crack cartilage
brave me with your danger
shatter me
within the lace of your leather skin

some mornings i dream of being steel
but i have fractures at every seam
i am incapable of being whole it seems
but there a surprise so miraculous in this team
of the ability to build bodies into something like success
something like a promise
A block S on our chest
a target we've painted for ourselves in tangibles like tries
like victories in the darkness nights
to defeats in the brightest mornings
we are sorcerers of the night sky
painting prophecy in our stride

knowing not why
other than for the blood and tears of the family at your side
and the
joy in this game
of bone dust
and painkillers
of braces
and ice baths
of concussions
and overtimes
we know
this is the only home where heroes are born from themselves
Where the plain can be built into titans
from earth
and blood
we wonder
how far we can travel til we crumble
how fast til we fracture
how strong til we quake at every corner
Only remembering the ruling of past victories and defeats in the lining of our ribcage

We are not what we seem
We can defy expectations
And the lies that ranks and our opponents say to themselves
Even when we falter
When we fail
turn dust
Even when we bleed
there is a potention to be set aflame
born again
sometimes we forget,
pain doesnt always hurt
sometimes its our strongest parts
sometimes its what keeps us going
sometimes its the voice in the back of your mind
that wont let you stop
because being whole
sparkling at the edges
thats hell knocking at your doorstep
a constant reminder
of every bit of life you neglected to live
So tomorrow
When the body wants to break
When every part of you dreams of crumbling
Of folding yourself into something less
Something small
Remember the letters we sketched onto our chest
The promises we made in every step
Remember the family at your side
Remember why
All the early mornings and late nights
the hills
and that every step we take is a choice.
one we make together
the only rule, everyone must finish.

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