Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 625: Arcturus

On opposite ends of the world
We lie alone
Trying to come together

Something changes, we are moved
Our body finds home in the empty sheets
And make love somewhere near the milky way

A part of you breaks
leaving shards of yourself like crumbs behind
I am rising from the east, looking for your stillness

There are parts of me I’ve left
Too you would find me if you could
But body escapes-

You are left like the morning without a moon waning
To remind you of the days
You count the parts of you that remain the same

As the night changes
The stars leave scars the size of heartbreak under our skin
We build our bodies into stronger things

A part of me thinks
A part of you too
We stand in the stillness

Beyond the Milky Way
Between the constellations
I am looking for you

Under the moon

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