Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 648:

10 steps to becoming a champion

take every part of you that is weak
make a list
promise yourself that the broken parts aren't permanent
remember every champion that ever lived was born unable to walk
and was just as determined to run

remember your morality is something to marvel at
that there is a miracle in the breath of your chest
a promise in you step
that working hard and success are only heavy and beautiful
because they make this life more than just waiting for tomorrows and death

find a team that will cover you like family
a group that will let you carry them up a mountain
and will refuse to let you climb alone
that will love you like its natural

ask for help when you need it
send smoke signals to any body that will listen
you will only be left behind if you ask to be
or refuse to lift yourself up from your own fear

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